Antibiotic resistance pattern of Ecoli and Acinetobacter in Imam Hossein Hospital(June-Sep 2014)Tehran/IRAN

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Antibiotic resistance pattern of  Ecoli and Acinetobacter in Imam Hossein Hospital(June-Sep 2014)Tehran/IRAN

Fariba Shirvani1,Masomeh Foromand2,Samaneh Mansori3,Arsham Mostofi4

     Pediatric infectious 1-diseases  subspecialist,Associate Professor,Shaheed Beheshti university of Medical Sciences

2-      Laboratory Assistant in microbiology, Imam Hossein Hospital

3-      PhD in Biostatistics,Center of Clinical  Research, Imam Hossein Hospital

4-      Medical Student , International Division of Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



Acinetobacter and E coli are gram negative organisms, who are responsible of nosocomial infections in General Hospitals, this study is a brief overview of antibiotic resistance pattern of E coli and Acinetobacter in a General hospital (Imam Hossein Hospital) setting.

Materials and Methods:

30 Culture Positive cases of Ecoli and 30 Acinetobacter cases were selected from 15June to 15 Sep 2014from microbiologic data Report in Imam Hossein Hospital Central Laboratory. Antibiotic resistance pattern was investigated by Disc Diffusion Method based on International CLSI Standards.  Sex, Source of specimen, places of culture positive origin in Hospital and Antibiotic resistance pattern were analyzed by SPSS 21.Pvalue <0.05 was considered significant.


21(63.6%) of E coli Positive cases and 12 (36.4%) cases of Acinetobacter Positive group were female. (P=0.02). 20(66.7%) of Acinetobacter Positive cases were from ICU, and 20(66.7%) specimens were sputum, 16(53.3%) of E coli Positive cases were from Out Patient and 27(90%) of specimens were urine. In comparison with Ecoli ,Acinetobacter had significantly more resistance to Amikacin(P<0.0001),Tubramycin(P<0.0001),Ciprofloxacine(P<0.0001),Ceftazidime(P<0.0001),Cefotaxime(P<0.0001),Nitrofurantoin(p=0.001) but not to Sulfametoxazole(P=0.127),Imipenem(P=0.0183) and Levofloxacine(P>0.99) . All cases of Acinetobacter were sensitive to Colistine.  


Acinetobacter is an invasive organism in ICU and can be an important cause of multidrug resistant infections in Debilitated patients, E coli still is an important pathogen of Urinary Tract Infections but drug resistance to drugs such as Sultametoxazole is a challenge of antibiotic therapy in uncomplicated Pyelonephritis, judicious use of antibiotics is recommended specially in ICU admitted and high risk patients.