Relation between serum ferritin and liver and heart MRI T2* in beta thalassaemia major patients

ABSTRACT There is a need for higly accurate non-invasive methods for assessing organ iron content in thalassaemia
patients. This study evaluated the relation between serum ferritin level, liver enzyme levels and hepatitis C antibody and
liver and heart iron deposition assessed by MRI T2*. Data were obtained from the medical records of 156 thalassemia

Four-Month-Old Boy With Fever, Hepatosplenomegaly and Diffuse Pulmonary Infiltrations

The (bacille Calmette-Gue´rin) BCG is widely practiced in many countries in pediatric group and is a part of routine vaccination program at birth in IR. IRAN for prophylaxis against tuberculosis, but its efficacy is a matter of debate in different geographic and ethnic regions.

Effect of Timing of Umbilical Cord Clamp on Newborns’ Iron Status and its Relation to Delivery Type

برای دریافت این پاورپوینت روی فایل ضمیمه کلیک کنید.

A 7 Years Old Girl With Erythematous Rash, Fever and Hypocomplementemia

Cutaneous eruptions and arthralgia in children can occur after infections, drugs and
immunologic processes via different mechanisms.
This is a report of a 7 years old girl with a history of papular rashes that changed to targetshaped
lesions and pruritus with non-pitting edema of ankles, strawberry tongue and
periungual scaling of extremities, with no history of any drug usage. She had elevated